Posturite Started in the early ‘90s, Today the company has over 200 employees located across the UK. Ian Fletcher-price – the founder and CEO spent much of his city career suffering back pain from long term desk and Computer use. The writing board he invented in his mother’s Garden changed everything. Posturite is a UK-based company enabling people organisations and business all over the UK increase productivity, protect long term health by finding the best ergonomic products in the market. Posturite is a market leader in health, safety, posture and well being in the workplace.

Varidesk is an American manufacturer of office furniture and equipment based in Coppell, Texas. It is notable for producing height-adjustable standing desks and related accessories. The company was founded in 2013 by current-CEO Jason McCann. The company’s products have sold in over 130 countries. McCann searched for standing desks online but found products that were either too expensive or difficult to assemble. Soon after building a prototype, more wanted one. The standing desk later turned into a full-fledged product once people outside Gemmy heard about it. Since the company launched in 2013, Varidesk’s has grown from two employees and one standing desk to more than 250 employees and an innovative suite of full office solutions.

Ergotron was founded in 1982. For more than three decades, Ergotron has offered affordable ergonomic products to computer users bringing comfort, wellness and improved productivity into the workplace. Founder Harry Sweere helped to establish mounting standards and compatibility for monitors and TV displays back in 1982, and these standards are still used by most manufacturers today. Ergotron has more than 200 issued patents for unique product innovations, and has received countless accolades and industry awards. Mr. Sweere designed computer workstations based on sound ergonomic principles, scientifically derived anthropometric data and published ergonomic standards for over twenty years